At Mental Health at Work (, we believe in nurturing mental health and wellbeing of everyone at the workplace. Our experience as counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists and social workers have taught us the value of sustainable and consistent practice in building and maintaining positive well-being of all.

As one’s well-being is influenced by environmental factors, it would be pertinent for systems and organizations to create space for a healthy dialogue and make efforts towards ensuring that wellbeing is held as a core intention alongside workplace deliverables. We believe that the impact of doing so is manifold as it ensures that employees and systems are functioning at their healthy, optimum best enhancing connectedness, efficiency and productivity.

Mental Health at Work” aims to assist individuals to work on themselves for developing healthy coping skills and mindful living; and organisations to build healthy practices to create an environment conducive to promoting positive mental health and wellbeing through:

  • Training and capacity building of leaders and other key stakeholders
  • Counselling and therapeutic support
  • Access to supportive resources to achieve one’s wellbeing goals