setting goals for yourself

As leaders, what do you keep in mind while setting goals for yourself and the team in the new year?

Stepping into the new year can be an important time for us as leaders to take stock and chart out how we would like this upcoming year to be.
Goal setting is a skill that helps to
– Predict success for us and the teams we work with- Serve as indicators that guide our efforts & determine priorities- Positively impact productivity and performance of the team- Help leaders stay focused, motivated, and engaged
While setting goals, it’s important to bring in your team voices, and adopt a collaborative approach especially while charting out group goals and milestones. It helps for each person to be invested in achieving the common goal & aids group cohesion as well.
As leaders, we can adopt look back-look forward approach by inviting team to reflect on the goals set in previous year.
– Were they realistic?- Was I able to achieve them?- Do I need to break them down further? Or make it specific?- Are there some goals I set which did not resonate with me/my team or the fulfillment of which did not seem as important during the year?- Is there a need for upskilling?
This kind of introspection will help in reviewing the process and setting of goals.

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