Covid – 19 Supportive Services​

Response to Mental Health Concerns resulting from the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic, especially the 2nd wave has been a lot more challenging because it has hit closer home and impacted either us or our loved ones in unfathomable ways. The challenges of the 2nd wave of the pandemic have surpassed the initial frustrations of lock down, restricted movement, inability to meet and socialize with our friends and endless zoom calls and virtual meetings.

It has now consumed us with helplessness of not being able to extend as much support as we would like, when members of family or friends test positive, the difficult experience of testing positive ourselves, dealing with anxiety around family and sadness and grief for having lost someone who has been important to us. As a country, there is collective grief we are experiencing today – loss of people who have succumbed to COVID-19 and in fear of losing a loved one or not getting the medical care we need due to the pressures on our healthcare infrastructure.

These experiences may have taken a toll on mental health and wellbeing showing up, among other changes, as heightened stress levels, experiencing insomnia, loss of interest in things we used to enjoy earlier, increase in irritation and drop in productivity levels.

We may be coping in the best way we could. Many of us may have tried to bridge the gap in social interactions by connecting with others online, throwing ourselves in work, and supporting those around us.

We, at POSH at Work, want to extend support to each one of you by inviting you to a safe space with our in-house Mental Health Professionals for one-on-one confidential conversations. If you would like, you can use this space to share your experiences with COVID, your challenges & struggles, to identify your emotions and how you are responding to them, strengthen your coping mechanisms and build on the resilience you have shown, thus far.

Stress can cause various responses in different people and it is ok to feel what you are feeling. 

It is okay to feel fear, anger, sadness, worry, frustration.

It is normal to feel nothing, & feel numb in the sheer overwhelming multitude of issues outside of our control.

You may find this impacting your efficiency, ability to communicate, ability to concentrate, attention span, appetite, sleep patterns. 

You may find this impacting your relationships at home and at workplace.

You may find yourself having difficulty in making decisions, or in completing tasks.

If you notice any of these issues, you can reach out to schedule a conversation with us. We would be happy to connect and support you.

Learning to cope with stress in a healthy way will make you, the people you care about, and those around you communicate better, and deal with situations in a more positive way. 

Who will have these Conversations with You?

About Our Team of Mental Health Professionals

Samriti Makkar Midha

Psychologist (Clinical) & Psychotherapist
& Partner

Who can we Support?

This space for conversations is being made available by trained mental health professionals to support as many people as possible during the challenging times of pandemic. The intent is to assist you to take a first step towards your emotional and psychological well-being and experience what a therapeutic space could look like. Additionally, this space could support you in the interim as you wait to get an appointment with your therapist who you had worked with in the past or wish to work with in the future.

Though we would like to be there for you in your journey of healing, at this point in time, we are unable to do long term therapy. For continued therapeutic work, we can connect you with other mental health professionals and helplines that are working towards providing ongoing mental health support.

Contact For Support


A crisis intervention centre for people with mental illness issues, emotional crisis, and suicidal ideation. They provide professional, voluntary and confidential care to those in need.


A 24×7 toll-free Mental Health Rehabilitation Helpline launched by the Department of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

Arpita Foundation

A non-profit organisation located in Bangalore, it caters to resolve personal and psychological concerns of individuals. Their team consists of trained counselors and volunteers who are also certified gate keepers in suicide prevention. It is associated with the Live Love Laugh Foundation, Vandrevala foundation, and the Psychiatry Department of M.S. Ramaiah Hospital.

iCALL helpline

Run by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, it is a telephone and e-mail based counseling service that caters to individuals in emotional and psychological distress.