boundaries at work

Do you think it is important to express boundaries at work?

Everyone has unique boundaries with regard to emotions, thoughts, beliefs, space and proximity due to diverse life experiences, socialization, values and cultural experiences of people. What this means is that what is okay for one person, may not be okay with another. Thus, asserting boundaries enable each person to establish reasonable objectives and expectations, letting others know what to expect from them and what they can expect from others.

Setting and communicating one’s personal boundaries in a healthy manner is an important skill that everyone needs to learn and employ at various points of time in their lives, even in the workplace. This is possible when we as employers and leaders work to build a psychologically safe culture where it is okay for people to express their boundaries without the fear of rejection or adverse unwanted consequence. This can help to preserve a welcoming, encouraging, respectful and safe working environment for all employees which enhances performance and fosters stronger working relationships with colleagues.

Boundaries at work may also be organisationally set through policies, like the Code of Conduct, wellbeing policies, Diversity and Inclusion policies and Anti-sexual harassment policies.

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