Emotional Journey

Feeling all your emotions & exploring them is a step towards healing.

Sometimes when we may have experienced a lot of extremely heavy emotions, or devastating, tragic circumstances that have caused us grief or sadness, we may have heard those around us say things like “Just think positive”, “Think happy thoughts”, “You need to stop being so negative”, “Stay smiling” or “Be positive”
Now while this may be very well intentioned, we need to understand that all human emotions have a purpose, both those we consider “good” and those we consider “bad”. Ignoring the emotions we don’t see as “good” only serves to keep them hidden and unprocessed where they may come up again later in terms of patterns or coping skills that do not serve us in the long run.
Being positive isn’t a bad thing either, but cannot exist in vacuum without support and access to resources.

Remember it’s okay to feel what you are feeling. It’s okay to explore the emotions that may be coming up for you and to access therapeutic support to move forward in your emotional journey!

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