21st Dec

Feeling numb

Feeling numb refers to experiencing a lack of emotion or being unable to express any emotion, a sense of disconnect, void, emptiness or isolation and may include aspect of experiencing apathy, disinterest and lack of motivation. Some people experiencing emotional numbness describe experiencing a sense of boredom, being a passive observer in one’s own life and going about one’s day or routine on ‘auto-pilot’. This may also occur alongside social withdrawal and loss of interest in activities that once held meaning and joy.

This experience may be temporary and in response to overwhelming emotions like grief and loneliness, and may also be a part of a mental health condition like depression, schizophrenia, or bi-polar disorder, and can even be a consequence of certain medication or substance use. Emotional numbness may emerge as a coping mechanism in response to severe abuse, trauma, and other experiences that bring in deep pain.

If you or someone around you is experiencing this, know that you are not alone. Reaching out to a trained therapist will be helpful to understand the root cause of the #numbness and support you in your healing journey.

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