This month we are going to be taking a deep look at Love, Relationships, and Mental Health! Ghosting is the term used to refer to the abrupt ending of a close personal relationship with someone without explanation and withdrawing from all communication and connection of any form. Ghosting has becoming quite common in the context of relationships, especially in the virtual world.

While unpleasant, this behaviour can be seen as an act of self -preservation on the part of the initiator, wanting to avoid the confrontation, it may also be due to maladaptive understandings of relationships. However, whatever the intention behind the behaviour, the impact caused, cannot be minimized. Ghosting can be very painful to the person being ghosted, and is not healthy, or acceptable, no matter what the reason behind it.

There are ways to navigate those tricky moments in a relationship, wherein things are not okay. It’s important to invest time in communicating with your partner, even when the conversations are complicated.

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