Help with ADHD

Help with ADHD

Employers look for candidates and employees who have excellent focus, attention to detail, quickness, and organisation. However, these things and more can be very difficult if you have ADHD. It can be challenging to perform well at work and sometimes even to keep a job. You might be fidgety or have trouble concentrating at work when you are struggling with ADHD. The severity of ADHD will determine how much it affects your employment prospects. Some people could just struggle to stay on target, while others struggle to get through the workday without having a major argument with a boss or colleague. Some people who are more severely impacted may lose their jobs, find themselves changing jobs frequently.

Performance at work is impacted by ADHD in a variety of ways. Meetings may be agonising for anyone when you have difficulties staying focused and can’t sit still. Managing numerous tasks and deadlines is quite difficult.

These are some coping strategies that can help with ADHD:

Find some peace: Request a peaceful area where you won’t be easily distracted to work in.

Team up: Work with an efficient supervisor or colleague who can help you see initiatives through from beginning to end.

Plan it: Maintain a day planner with a calendar and to-do list. Regularly update them. Make arrangements for your computer or smartphone to send you electronic reminders for appointments and due dates.

Make notes: Take notes during conferences and phone calls, and identify any new duties that come up.

Schedule disruptions: In order to avoid being interrupted by voicemail and email, schedule particular times each day to respond to them.

With the appropriate guidance and support, ADHD can also be used as an asset as it helps in developing important skills in individuals. Being impulsive, restless, and eager to try new things all the time can be a useful asset.

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