Stigma around mental health

Stigma around mental health concerns in the workplace

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of stigma around mental health concerns in the workplace. Often it is believed that persons living with a diagnosis of a mental disorder, or those that have at some point of time experienced symptoms of a mental illness or any prolonged #mentalhealth concern, are incompetent, volatile, and incapable of holding responsibilities and being part of the formal workforce. This is a myth and an inaccurate view and understanding of mental health issues. These myths and ideas are fueled by the unconscious bias we may hold without even realising it. It is discriminatory to restrict a person’s access to opportunities based on a flawed understanding of mental health that breeds assumptions regards their current capacity or interest.

To break the bias, it is important to know and remind ourselves that persons experiencing mental health issues or concerns may require specific support and accommodations, in order to build a conducive environment where they may thrive and access their skills and personal strengths. It is prudent to check on what support they may require specifically as one method of working may not suit everyone.

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