Success looks the same for everyone?

Success looks the same for everyone?

We are stepping into the last week of 2022. For most of us this may be a time of reflection and introspection as we look back at the highlights of 2022.

Here’s a little reminder for all of us when calculating the high’s or win’s of this year! Success is not about what everyone else has done, but about how you feel about what you have achieved. No win is insignificant. Did you build a great relationship with a loved one? Heal some childhood trauma? Support those in your community? Learn a new coping skill? Have the courage to let go of what doesn’t serve you right now?

All of these and more are successes, stories of strength that we must remember and celebrate for ourselves.

Success does not develop in quick bursts, some goals take lifetimes to develop and this does not mean failure rather, simply work in progress. Let’s embrace all of the ‘in progress’ areas of our lives and send it some love!

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