unmentionable thoughts

The Festival of Unmentionable thoughts

“All of us have had at one point or another thought the unmentionable. These thoughts can be fleeting or conscious thoughts. They can be funny, sexual, dirty, judgemental, disgusting, vengeful, harmless, inappropriate, and even dark, but we choose not to talk about them openly because of the possible judgment, lack of understanding and empathy that they may be received with. Sharing these thoughts may run the risk of bringing in the unwanted experience of being shunned or isolated, and even simply thinking about these topics may also often evoke a sense of shame and guilt. It’s important to be able to discern your thoughts review them and check in with yourself in case you need to access support.

  • Are the emotions you feel when you think these thoughts too overwhelming?
  • Are these thoughts impacting your routine and relationships?
  • Are they crossing the line, taking away someone’s dignity and rights?
  • Are they repetitive, violent aggressive?

Remember Therapy can be a non-judgmental safe space to speak these thoughts aloud and access support to make sense of them, and a great way to support ourselves! “

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