What am I focusing on?

Sometimes it is helpful to shift focus to all those things that support us. It might be difficult for us to try and remain grateful when we may be constantly receiving bad news or are surrounded by negativity, when we are disturbed, and unhappy. We may wonder what is there to be grateful for when everything is just going downhill.

But when we take a pause to recognize and acknowledge things that keep us afloat, it can bring a smile to our face in our darkest times. Recalling the friend who checks in, the classmate who remembers our birthday, family that supports us, the colour of the sunset and sound of waves, the pet who gives unconditional love, can make life as meaningful as having a bed to sleep in, a job, a roof over our head in that moment.


Some of us may find gratitude for our existence in this world, and existence of the people who make our day brighter. Despite the chaos and immense stress in our life, we have been able to survive and in some cases thrive. What skills have enabled us to get through these difficult times. Can we appreciate ourselves for the things we do? Can we take a moment to be grateful for who we are and what lies within us?

In moments of self-doubt, when we think we cant go one, when we feel like giving up… pause. Notice the thoughts coming up and take a few deep long breaths. Ask yourself:

  1. Have I been in similar situations before and have I gotten through it sometimes?
  2. In those times, how did I overcome the situation?
  3. What are my strengths and abilities that helped me in those situations?
  4. What am I grateful for today?

Practicing gratitude, especially towards self can in fact help us think and feel more positively by broadening the focus of our self-awareness and even increase our life-satisfaction. In allowing us to acknowledge the positive around us, it can enhance our self-esteem, thereby increasing our productivity and performance.

We must be mindful of the content we consume on a daily basis and the impact it has on us.



What skills have enabled you to take a pause on any single day?


What made that possible? Highlight skills and existing strengths

Audio-visual aids

Meditation Videos

Relaxation Videos of nature

ASMR (food, objects, sounds)

Meditation & Relaxation Apps

Relaxing Music (calm, headspace)



What are your strengths and abilities that you’re grateful for?

What has supported you in the last 2 years?

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