effective strategies to reduce stress

What effective strategies do you use to reduce stress?

International Stress Awareness Day is observed annually on the first Wednesday of November by the International Stress Management Association, with the intention to mark the day for promoting awareness about stress and active steps towards stress management. Today, we want to bring a spotlight onto stress at the workplace. In a space where there may be many demands on us as individuals it becomes very important to pause and take stock of the experience of stress and what it brings in to the body and self. For some of us, this impact may appear

– physical (hypertension, shortness of breath, increased heart rates, clammy hands, nervous gestures and movements),

– psychological (anxiety, frustration, anger, lack of confidence, a feeling of overwhelm)

– in interpersonal relationships (conflict, strain in relationships etc.).

It is important to keep in mind that when stress comes in, there are steps we can take to reduce its impact to us even in situations where the environment may be challenging.

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