mental health or wellbeing a priority

What have you done recently to make your mental health or wellbeing a priority?

Response from Vidit Kashyap (He/Him)


“Mental Health… I recently joined a gym for my mental health and wellbeing, which makes me feel good and feel good about myself, and I truly enjoy it. I really enjoy eating good food, it makes me happy. We all know that in our lives there are quite a few ups and downs. Every day is nothing less than a challenge. Every morning is a new challenge. So, I try to keep myself busy, with things like my work. I feel happy when I work. Sometimes, on the weekends if I go out. I usually visit the temple.
The peace and calm I receive from going to the temple really brings a deep sense of peace to my mind. So, I go to a temple which makes me very happy.

Every weekend, you could say every Sunday, I get a haircut. Because I like to focus on my personal hygiene. Getting a haircut makes me feel good and relaxed. I like to spend time with the roadside dogs, giving them biscuits and spending time – even a few minutes or moments – with them, and when I see them happy, I feel happy.

And another thing that has had a positive impact on my mental health – like last time when I began talking at Fun Friday. I have slowly started talking and speaking more – and I feel like it has a very good impact on my Mental Health and I am feeling good. I decided to practice this, to talk to more people, as many as I can, and share with others, to talk about myself and things relating to myself… I am feeling happy that I am also learning to speak.”

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