World Mental health day 2022

World Mental health day 2022

“August and September was a phase where I was experiencing lack of energy, motivation, self confidence was next to nil and self esteem was nowhere to found. Subsequently, this effected many aspects of my life including work.

Like it’s said that good things have the most odd timings. Amidst all this chaos, one things just struck me out of nowhere is self-care, rather attach yourself back with yourself. One day I spent a good enough time with myself, took a long ride, found a quiet nice place to sit and write poem and shayaris. During this process, one main thing I wanted to do was identify the problematic spots, understand the solution and come up with a plan and that was my first step towards self-care.

Being a very self-reliant person, the second thing I did for myself was I started reaching out. Being self-reliant is good but it becomes unhealthy as you can’t even identify the channels to reach out which right in front of you. So yes, I am seeking for help as a part of self-care.

All of the above will go down to shambles, if one isn’t in a routine. Fixing my routine was the third. Spending a lot of time with Simba, getting back to sports at least once in a week, reading newspaper in the morning with a nice adrak wali chai and finish the day with fulfilling some household chores and cooking a good dinner.

Actually, I am more excited about the journey rather than the result.”

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